July turned out to be even busier than June at the office of the El Paso County Public Trustee, with increases in both the number of releases of deeds of trust and in new foreclosure filings.

The Public Trustee Office released 3,781 deeds of trust in July, the highest monthly total in almost two years, according to Public Trustee Tom Mowle.

“We are 36 percent above last year-to-date and 29 percent above last year’s monthly average,” he said in a news release Monday.

Despite that, foreclosure starts also increased in July, to 144, the highest monthly total of the year. Foreclosure starts are 26 percent below last year-to-date, and 19 percent below last year’s monthly average.

Revenue from the trustee’s office for the year is higher than last year-to-date, and a bit more than expected, Mowle said.

The operating expenses for the year are far below what the office budgeted, “though this is a bit misleading, since we have not yet been billed for the county-directed move of the office to a new suite down the hall in the professional building,” Mowle said. “Our actual expenses for the first half of the year are about $2,000 more than last year; the $9,000 spent to replace our 2007-vintage XP workstations and the $5,000 to purchase new phones from the county were mostly offset by a $5,000 reduction in the cost of county services and an $8,000 reduction in salaries and benefits paid.”

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Mowle reminded people that his office moved to suite 120 of the same building at 105 E. Vermijo Ave.