DENVER, CO - JANUARY 8: Colorado Department of Transportation shows off it's new bus, called the Bustang,that will be used to connect Colorado cities from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs to Glenwood Springs during the Stock Show Parade along 17th ave in Denver, CO on January 8, 2014.. This is one of the 13 buses that will begin operating along the front range and into the mountains soon. CDOT took the opportunity to showcase their new bus while it participated in the stock show parade that commemorates the 109th Stock Show this year. (Photo By Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post)

Bustang, the state-operated bus system, will launch its first bus Monday from Colorado Springs. Dignitaries will speak before cutting the ribbon as the first bus departs for Denver.

The event begins at 5:30 a.m. Monday from the Tejon/Nevada Park-and-Ride location at I-25 and Tejon Street. Participants are invited to arrive at 5:15, and buses depart at 5:45, 6 and 6:15 a.m.

Riders will spend $12 for a one-way ticket from the three departing locations in Colorado Springs – Tejon/Nevada Park-and-Ride, the downtown bus terminal and the Woodmen Road Park-and-Ride. Packets of 10 rides are $108 and 20 rides will be $192. People leaving from the Monument Park-and-Ride will pay $9 for a single-trip ticket.

Seniors and children 5 and under pay less.

For schedules and fares, see

Bustang will connect commuters and travelers to and from Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Glenwood Springs. The transportation alternative “will save travelers money, time and reduce stress,” said a news release from the state.

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  1. i find it amazing that we celebrate this… these fares are at least 50% subsidized by tax payers so full cost is over $20 per customer.. Greyhound is offering the same at $10.50 per passenger and this is covering their cost plus profit margin. I think we should look seriously at how we can improve transportation options without huge subsidies by looking to remove red tape which blocks private alternatives to public transport..

    but then maybe services like uber and so on will change this anyway…

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