mechanical scheme and calipers

103956531One goal of Discover Goodwill is to educate and train veterans in the skills of diesel mechanics and place them into permanent employment in the community.

In partnership with Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC), these PPCC instructor-taught certificates will offer basic training as an introduction to diesel maintenance classes located at Goodwill’s classroom and garage space in Old Colorado City.

To be admitted in the program, veterans must complete a unique application obtained through Miriam Yost at 381-9463 at Discover Goodwill. Vets may also write

Completed applications are due Friday, May 15.

The certificate courses will run throughout the summer of 2015 and include:

  • diesel lube technician certificate;
  • fleet maintenance technician certificate;
  • CDL training; and
  • professional Fridays, whereby Goodwill instructors will provide 21st century skills.

Those selected will participate in an assessment administered by Goodwill staff, to indicate interest, skill set and aptitude.

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Candidates may participate in classes in a noncredit continuing education capacity in order to learn basic skills required to obtain employment in the diesel mechanic field. The CDL training and license is a skill needed in this field but also provides further employment opportunities. Upon completion of the courses, a certificate will be provided. This certification will be designed to be of value during job seeking in this field. Completion of this course may also be considered as life/work experience and be used toward credits if students choose to enroll in the PPCC diesel power mechanics associates degree program.

Some of the skills that will be learned through this certification program include:

– oil change/scheduling;

– air conditioning service;

– air filtration service;

– drive train service;

– brake service and repair;

– cooling system services;

– electrical system service;

– engine service;

– fuel system service;

– state inspection/emission testing;

– tire rotation/alignment service;

– transmission service;

– windshield wiper service; and

– vehicle detailing service.

Discover Goodwill’s Business Advisory Council will help participants find jobs and ensure relevant, industry specific skills are being learned in the program. There will also be two years of follow-up services to help students.