After nearly three decades away, the World Corporate Games community is returning to its U.S. roots, according to a news release by U.S. Corporate Games.

Kurt Aichele, chief operating officer of Colorado Springs-based fuseSPORT, is president of 2Thrive, a newly established nonprofit which has secured the exclusive rights to stage the Corporate Games across the U.S. through 2023. The Games, according to the release, provide an opportunity for “the ever-increasing sedentary population to pursue lifelong fitness.”

The announcement came shortly after the Physical Activity Council released a 2015 participation study confirming the existence of an inactivity pandemic and obesity crisis in America, according to the release.

“Competitive sport has the ability to bridge a variety of seemingly impenetrable barriers,” Aichele said. “Normally we rally to overcome socioeconomic, geographic, cultural, religious and ethnic barriers bridged by sport. It’s time to focus our efforts internally in the U.S. and find a way to surmount the unspoken barrier residing between active and sedentary lifestyles. The Corporate Games offer the platform [to] make that vision real.”

The Colorado-based team includes professionals responsible for organizing and delivering some of the largest multi-sport games and festivals across the globe.

According to the release, the Corporate Games provide the world’s largest corporate multi-sport festivals “designed to provide the ultimate mix of sport, business and tourism.” Events have participation rates ranging from 4,000-20,000 participants. For more information on the Games, visit

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