In support of Earth Day 2015, AAA Colorado will collect old car batteries for recycling between Monday, April 20 and Friday, April 24, at more than 30 thirty locations around the state. Consumers in Colorado Springs can bring used car batteries to two locations for recycling: Auto Services, 50 Cascade Court; and Interstate Batteries, 4825 Northpark Dr.

AAA Colorado encourages all drivers to recycle their old car batteries. Batteries are made of hazardous materials, and it’s imperative that they not be left sitting around the house or discarded with trash, according to a news release sent by AAA Colorado.

A typical car battery contains 21 pounds of lead, plastic and sulfuric acid. Nearly all – 97 percent – of the materials in a car battery can be recycled and reused in new batteries. However, it is estimated some 5 million batteries are not recycled each year. Improper disposal puts the toxic substances into landfills and groundwater.

AAA Colorado has more than 600,000 members and is an advocate for safety and security for all travelers. As North America’s largest motoring and leisure travel organization, AAA provides more than 54 million members with travel, insurance, financial and automotive related services, as well as member exclusive savings.


  1. Car batteries are actually worth about $6-10 each depending on size. You don’t pay to recycle them, you are paid. Any scrap yard will give you money unlike these thieves who want to cash in in the name of Mother Nature and take your $10. Thanks to the writer of this article for the research to let you know they are valuable. Scam alert.

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