The Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners (RMIP) announced its official launch Tuesday afternoon.

Equipped with an expanded vision to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Colorado, the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator (CSTI) board recently unanimously agreed to support a more robust mission – to introduce the Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners as a new nonprofit organization.

RMIP’s mission is to support and educate clients in entrepreneurship, to create new businesses, accelerate company growth, provide commercialization opportunities, transfer innovative technologies and expand opportunities for early-stage investments.

In addition to being a business accelerator, RMIP will support technology transfer partnerships with Colorado universities and federal laboratories in the Rocky Mountain region, including the existing activities to support research and technology transfers at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

“Launch of this new organization is an exciting development,” said RMIP founding board member Bill Miller. “I am happy to support the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colorado Springs. I also hope to see some interesting investment opportunities emerge as local companies begin to better leverage the research and facilities available at our world class universities and labs.”

RMIP is headquartered in the Catalyst Campus, within the newly formed Innovation District near the corner of Colorado and Pikes Peak avenues. With this new charter, an expert team, and in its new location, RMIP is proud and excited to be an integral part of the expanding business growth and economic development momentum of the region.

“We are delighted that the RMIP will provide many important services to enhance entrepreneurial business growth,” said Kevin O’Neil, CEO of The O’Neil Group who founded the Catalyst Campus. “We expect great synergies and community growth in having their team at our new campus for innovation.”

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In moving into the Catalyst Campus, a new downtown Colorado Springs hub where industry and government institutions work together on the commercialization and transfer of technology, RMIP will provide business accelerator services for existing CSTI clients and for new entrepreneurial clients, in addition to providing support to companies affiliated with the Catalyst Campus, while enhancing technology transfer across the Rocky Mountain region. With the launch of Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners, CSTI will be winding down its operations.

RMIP founding board members are: Dr. Walter Copan, managing director of Tekcapital plc and president of EnergyInsight LLC and Copan Associates LLC; Dr. Ric Denton, Silicon Valley veteran and president and CEO of the CTSI and a director of High Altitude Investors; and Bill Miller, managing partner at PV Ventures and PV Strategies and executive chairman at X-IO Technologies.


  1. Anyone that can read between the lines knows that the real story here is how Ric Denton ran the Incubator into the ground. This will surely follow unless he’s removed as leader.

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