gocodeGo Code Colorado, the country’s first statewide civic app challenge, has been recognized by Harvard’s Kennedy School as a “Bright Idea.”

The Kennedy School recognized the Go Code, of which Colorado Springs was one of five competing cities, through its Innovations in American Government Awards program, according to a news release.

“Go Code Colorado, at its core, is about making more meaningful use of public data,” Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams said in the release. “It’s our hope that this recognition will bring more attention to the value of public data, and the creative ways government can encourage its use in the private sector.”

Go Code is a program of the Colorado Secretary of State’s Business Intelligence Center, “which works to make state-managed, public data more accessible on the Colorado Information Marketplace portal,” according to the release. That portal can be accessed at data.colorado.gov.

“Through a number of competitive events that challenge entrepreneurs and developers to build data-savvy apps that help businesses make better decisions, Go Code Colorado is a leader in the open data movement,” the release continued.

The Bright Ideas designation recognizes government programs and practices that are found to be innovative and inspiring to other communities, according to the release.

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In November, the Colorado Technology Association gave Go Code its Technology Project of the Year Award.