foodA collaborative effort between two local companies has resulted in the creation of a mobile app to help residents find and buy food grown or produced within 67 miles of Colorado Springs.

The LocalFood CS app, which will be free upon its release later this week, was the result of a collaboration between LocalMotive and Vrello LLC, a mobile app developer.

Along with a rating system based on distance, the app also has a rating system based on freshness, organics and whether a meat product is involved.

“What makes this local food portal unique is that the user can search by specific food or drink (craft beers are important too), and find out who is growing or producing it and where it can be purchased, in real time,” according to the release. “It also has a neighbors section, so you can see by map view, which of your neighbors has homemade products (cottage foods), eggs, honey or backyard produce to sell.”

“We’ve already gotten lots of support from the community,” said Elise Rothman. “Poor Richards, Brother Luck, Right to Thrive and the like, have thanked us for creating a platform that will give momentum to the local food movement.”

The official launch date is Sunday, Feb. 22. For questions or more information, email

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