roadconstructionThe view from Interstate 25 near Cimarron Street (U.S. Hwy. 24) is about to change as the Colorado Department of Transportation begins demolishing several structures in the northwest quadrant of the interchange. Approximately five structures, a few pole barns, sheds and two billboards will be removed, allowing the interchange reconstruction project to begin this spring.

“The owners/businesses were relocated after CDOT purchased the properties as part of the right-of-way acquisition prior to the reconstruction project,” said CDOT Resident Engineer Dave Watt. “Asbestos removal has been completed and then, after the structures are demolished and the debris removed, holes will be filled and the site will be leveled and graded for erosion control. The entire process is anticipated to take between 30 and 45 days.”

Demolition of the old Express Inn at the southeast corner of Cimarron and Eighth streets began in mid-November, making it a possible equipment staging area for the project. Debris is being removed with final grading to be completed in the next few weeks.

“While the work in northwest corner isn’t the official start of the I-25/Cimarron interchange project, it frees up the property that’ll be needed when the interstate is reconstructed approximately 40 feet [farther] to the west,” added Watt. He also stressed that the structure demolition work is not a part of, or the start of, any transportation improvements at the U.S. 24/Eighth Street interchange.

Individuals who may be at the demolition sites have been asked to leave. To maintain safety, the contractor is constructing a fenced-in work zone and the public is asked to stay clear of the area while the demolition is taking place.


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