cyberThe phishing threat level has changed from green to red, according to the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB of Southern Colorado informed its members last week of increased activity by scammers sending “bogus emails” to business owners to obtain sensitive information.

The BBB said in a news release that the emails ask recipients to open a fraudulent BBB Standard Questionnaire form that is actually a link designed to deliver malware to users’ computers. That link should not be accessed, the BBB said.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus is currently working with a security vendor to “initiate a takedown of the malicious site(s) behind this Red-level phishing scam.”

The BBB’s green level is explained as having no active phishing scams, while red means malicious emails are actively circulating or that confirmed malware sites have not yet been deactivated.

If the email is sent from an address containing “,” it is not a valid BBB email. The BBB requests such emails remain unopened and forwarded to

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