Val Snider WebVal Snider announced Friday morning on Facebook that he will not run for a second term on City Council. Here’s his post:


After much thought and personal reflection I have decided I’d like to take my life in a new direction, other than running for another 4 years on City Council. With this in mind and at this time in my life, I choose not to run for reelection to the City Council of Colorado Springs. Moving forward it’s my view some new blood and fresh perspectives will be useful for City Council.

As always you will still see me around town until the end of my term attending to my beloved community involvement activities and council duties. Words alone cannot describe the privilege and honor bestowed upon me as an elected official serving the community and working with incredible citizens.

Above all, I plan and look forward to continue serving in the future the Colorado Springs region in some fashion.

Val Snider
Councilmember, City of Colorado Springs

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 Check back for updates later today.


  1. In the course of writing a detailed December 8th Gazette guest editorial I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing, at length, Councilman Snider. Reflecting on his generous grant of time and insights, I am saddened to learn that he will not be leading our city into a much needed strong recovery phase.

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