Ent posts $12.5 million dividend to members


Ent Federal Credit Union announced this week a $12.5 million special dividend distribution to its members.

More than 240,000 members in good standing will receive a minimum of $25, with an additional dividend amount based on the amount of interest they paid on loans and dividends they earned on deposits last year. The average dividend is $51.25, said Ent Spokeswoman Victoria Selfridge.

“Ent is very well capitalized. This is a reflection of our strong capital position and financial performance in 2014,” Selfridge said.

In its history, the credit union has distributed a special dividend twice. The previous distribution was in 2012 and it was for $10 million. The money comes from interest the credit union earns on loans and income from other services. Ent’s net worth ratio was 12.4 percent at the end of 2014. The national benchmark for well-capitalized credit unions’ net worth ratio is between 7 and 9 percent, Selfridge said.

Ent’s net worth, which includes regular reserves and undivided earnings, was $505 million at the close of 2014.