driverThe El Paso County Clerk and Recorder is ushering in the new year by offering expanded services to driver’s license customers. Beginning Monday, Jan. 5, each El Paso County Motor Vehicle Office will offer these additional driver’s license transactions:

  • Issue a copy of the customer’s motor vehicle record;
  • Duplicate the driver’s license for a minor; and
  • Issue a motorcycle endorsement (must present proof of completed Motorcycle Safety course).

These driver’s license services had been available only through the State Department of Revenue Office where typically the wait time is an hour or more. The El Paso County Clerk has four offices where the average driver’s license wait time is 15 minutes, according to a clerk’s office news release.

“This is an opportunity to give customers a convenient option to spend less time to transact their business,” said El Paso County Clerk Wayne Williams. “We listened to the citizens that asked for these expanded services— particularly for the motor vehicle records — and have responded. In addition, we have a professional staff at each branch that will efficiently handle these new services and expedite the process for our customers.”

In addition to the state mandated charges for each service (which will be sent to the state in accordance with state law), the county will assess an additional fee of $5 for each of the new services to help offset the cost to process the transactions. The customer can decide which option is best for them — to visit one of four county offices with less of a wait time, and pay a county service fee along with the state charges, or visit the one Colorado Department of Revenue office in the area, have a longer wait time, but no additional fee.  The county service fee, along with the expanded services, was authorized by the El Paso County commissioners after a public comment process.

“By expanding driver’s license services, the clerk and recorder’s office once again shows its commitment to customers,” said Dennis Hisey, chair of the board of El Paso County commissioners. “We commend the clerk for taking on this additional responsibility and only wish it could have been sooner, to benefit our customers even more.”

Incoming Clerk Chuck Broerman, who takes office Jan. 13, said, “We worked on the logistics entailed to implement the additional services and associated costs. We constantly evaluate processes and make adjustments to ensure efficiency, transparency and better service to our customers. With just a nominal fee, we are able to provide these driver’s license services, with the clerk’s office covering remaining costs, and not overburden our customers.”

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The driver’s license services now available at the clerk’s office include:

  • Renewal of an existing driver’s license;
  • Transfer of a driver’s license from another state; and
  • Replacement of a lost or stolen adult driver’s license.

Besides the new services being implemented in January, the clerk’s office is analyzing whether more types of driver’s license transactions can be added later in the year.

For a list of El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Office locations, visit  To view the current wait times for each office, visit