City CouncilAt a special meeting Monday evening, Colorado Springs City Council appointed Air Force retiree and Air Force Academy graduate Larry Bagley to serve as District 2 Councilmember until April 7. Bagley, 71, will replace former Councilman Joel Miller, who resigned in order to run for Colorado Springs Mayor.

The Council chose Bagley from 10 applicants for the position, which carries an annual stipend of $6,250.

He will be sworn in on Thursday.

On his application for the seat, Bagley wrote his positions on the issues, which appear to be consonant with those of the Council majority. He opposes retail marijuana sales within the city, noting that “there are many issues to address regarding residential use – standards for ‘under the influence,’ responsibilities of users, etc.”

Asked about the respective roles of City Council and the Mayor in the Council-Mayor form of government, Bagley appeared to support an increased role for Council.

“The Council-(strong) mayor form of government should provide checks and balance of government power,” he wrote. “I think the Mayor should govern with the advice and consent of the Council.”

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Bagley also affirmed his commitment to a fee-based structure to address current stormwater needs (in other words, a revivified Regional Drainage Authority), and expressed conditional support for City for Champions.

“I think these projects could have a positive impact on economic growth and jobs,” he said. “I am least enthusiastic about the downtown stadium.”

Bagley has a record of involvement with city issues, particularly as a member of the Homeowners Association of Falcon Estates, and as the HOAFE representative to the Council of Neighbors and Organizations.

For example, several years ago, when Falcon Estates had problems with aggressive coyotes, Bagley worked with the Division of Wildlife to solve the problem, eventually applying for a trapping permit and hiring a trapper to thin out the coyote population there.

He has lived in Colorado Springs since 1992, and resided here from 1962-66 and again from 1978-81.

Bagley ran for the District 2 seat in 2011, finishing a distant third with 21 percent of the vote. The winner, Angela Dougan, was defeated in her 2013 bid for re-election by Joel Miller.


  1. Another old retired white guy. Come on Colorado Springs! And we all wonder why nothing changes in this City.

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