Vanessa Moorman, general manager at Lamar Outdoor Advertising, said it was her previous career as a middle-school teacher that prepared her for her career in sales.


“I have hired teachers because I think we’re using those same skills. We’re just educating people about our products,” Moorman said. “The flexibility needed to teach children and inspire … those same communication skills transfer well to sales.”

Moorman, a New Mexico native, moved with her husband and two children to Colorado Springs 17 years ago when her husband was hired by the Colorado Springs Police Department. It was while teaching with the Fountain-Fort Carson School District that she decided to make a career change.

“I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up,” she said, adding she took several aptitude tests to help guide her. “They always came back to advertising and sales. I ended up begging [former Lamar General Manager Hal Ward] for a job. I promised him that if I wasn’t good at sales I would leave in three months and thank him for the opportunity. I stalked him. I was afraid he would get a restraining order, but he hired me, which was lovely.”

Moorman said she started selling bus bench advertising 15 years ago and has moved up to GM.

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Moorman was nominated for the Business Journal’s Women of Influence recognition by one of her employees.

“I hope nobody finds out I can’t even influence my dogs off the couch,” Moorman quipped. “I never thought of self as person of influence. I’m very
flattered they feel that way about me.”

[pullquote]I will persist until I succeed. I may not be best, but I will be persistent.[/pullquote]

Aside from her duties with Lamar, Moorman said “one of the biggest joys” in her life is having served for a decade on the board for the Karen Possehl Women’s Endowment, a UCCS scholarship program formed in 1990 for women who have started college but never finished.

“It helps them get back into college and graduate,” she said. “We have an amazing graduation rate and I get to serve as a mentor to students. It’s so fulfilling. These women are amazing.”

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