Kristen-ChristyKristen Christy has been through a stroke at age 15, cancer two years ago and the suicide of her ex-husband in 2008.
Having lived through these troubles, she now uses her experiences to help others.

“We’re all survivors. We’ve all survived something,” she said. “At the time we go through it, it can be a huge obstacle, but no matter what, we put one foot in front of the other.
“I would much rather be inspirational than motivational,” Christy said.

Significant challenges came early in Christy’s life.

Nine days before her 16th birthday, Christy had a stroke. She had just won her high school golf tournament, and the stroke showed she was born with a malformed vein in her brain.
“I was told I would never walk again,” said Christy, 46. “It took a year and a half. The first time I walked without a cane was at my high school graduation.”
Later, after her husband divorced Christy, he killed himself.

“It was hard to help my children navigate the hurt. I loved my husband, even though he left me, but my boys took precedence.”
Two years ago, she successfully navigated Stage 1 cervical cancer.

“My faith has gotten me through a lot. And I have a great safety net of strong, influential women,” she said.

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Christy works as office manager and in proposal management for Modern Technology Solutions Inc.

As such, she works with engineers and writers “who know the technical side of proposals,” Christy said. “The government has a lot of things they require in a proposal. I go through hundreds of pages and make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed.”

She started as office manager and moved her into proposal management one year later.

“I learned from one of the best teachers out there, Lori McDowall,” she said.

“I’ve been through so much. I’m sure I’ll go through a lot more, God willing He keeps me on this earth,” said Christy. “I pray for patience. I pray for strength.
“Life is a tough teacher. She gives you the test and then teaches you the lesson.”

She remains upbeat, launching the national day for survivors on March 4.

[pullquote]No matter what the obstacle, I put one foot in front of the other and march forth and conquer.[/pullquote]“We march forth and conquer,” Christy said of the double entendre. She started the effort by talking to the El Paso County Commissioners and she plans to talk with her state legislators.
“I’ll go all the way to the White House,” Christy said. “That’s my goal, to help people.”

She feels so strongly about this initiative that she was remarried on March 4 this year.

“I’ve met people who have had a stroke. I had to learn how to walk again. I had to learn to write with my left hand. I’ve met people whose husbands just committed suicide.”
Using her own experiences, “I want to help people be the best.”

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