Jan-WeilandJanice Weiland has been playing an influential, behind-the-scenes role in Colorado Springs since she landed here more than 20 years ago.

Weiland works as executive vice president of investments for Cascade Investment Group, a firm she joined in 2000. Aside from devoting herself to helping clients manage their portfolios (tax and estate planning), Weiland is heavily involved in several local nonprofits and women’s interest groups.

“She cares deeply for our community and it is evident,” said Cascade’s Dana Capozella, who nominated Weiland for the award. “She is a leader and active in making our city a better place to live and work.”

Weiland received her bachelor degree from Suffolk University, her master degree from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business and is fully licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to work in securities and investments.

She currently serves as board chair for the Pikes Peak United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, board member for the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce Foundation, secretary for the Colorado Springs Child Nursery Centers Foundation, treasurer for Imagination Celebration and treasurer of the Artemis board.

Weiland recently kickstarted a group called “Women & Investing,” which meets six times a year to discuss current economic conditions, learn about partnerships, corporate earnings and the interest rate environment, all with a goal to empower them as women and as individuals.

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“The most meaningful thing to me is to be a good example for younger women and to assist young women in being successful professionally,” Weiland said.

[pullquote]Just do it[/pullquote]In her spare time, Weiland enjoys running, gardening and spending time with her husband Alan. But she said her passion is Court Care for the Pikes Peak Region, a program she helped found more than a decade ago in Colorado Springs.

“My real passion is the time I invest in court childcare,” she said. “I helped to state the center that provides childcare to individuals who have court business.”

Since the program was reorganized and restarted 11 years ago, Weiland said the program has spared 41,000 children from being subjected to court cases that could create traumatic experiences. Weiland served on the board until being term-limited and said it is the only such facility in the state.

Weiland said her personal mission statement is not unlike Nike’s: “Just Do It.”

“I think I am a very focused person,” she said. “I know what I have to do and I get it done.”

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