csbj-logoChanges are coming to the Colorado Springs Business Journal, even as you read this. But we’re hoping you won’t notice them — at least not in print.

After many years at 31 E. Platte Ave., we’re moving to the opposite corner of downtown. Our new home will be at 235 S. Nevada Ave., which also has housed the Colorado Springs Independent for about the past decade.

Since our current ownership, Colorado Publishing Co., took over the Business Journal in June 2012, we’ve remained at the corner of Platte and Tejon, the paper’s home for more than two decades. But with our lease ending Oct. 31, owners John Weiss and Fran Zankowski feel the company can operate not only more cost-effectively but also more effectively under the same roof as the Independent, where the two newspapers will coexist but with separate editorial staffs, identities and editorial philosophies, none of which will change.

CSBJ’s first issue hit the streets on April 1, 1989, which means we neglected earlier this year to celebrate our 25th birthday. The paper was started by Chuck Sheldon and Roger Powell, first publishing twice a month before changing to a weekly in 1994. Initially, CSBJ operated out of the DeGraff Building on Tejon Street (above the Old Chicago restaurant), before moving to 31 E. Platte in 1993, initially on the second floor in offices that have remained virtually the same for the past 21 years. Sometime later, when the third floor of the building came available, CSBJ filled it as well. In July 1998, the company was sold to Dolan Media Co., based in Minneapolis.

At Platte and Tejon, the staff has felt connected to the pulse of Colorado Springs. But we still have that at the corner of Nevada and Vermijo, just east of the Pioneers Museum. If anything our offices will be easier for the public to access, with plenty of street parking. Our phone numbers will remain the same, so many folks shouldn’t notice anything different — unless they need to visit or meet with us in person on our turf.

We’ll miss being able to walk just steps to such wonderful lunch spots and gathering places as Tony’s Bar, Poor Richard’s, Wild Goose, José Muldoon’s, Bella’s Bistro Bakery, Azada, Smiley’s and, of course, the Curbside Cuisine food trucks. At all of them, we have developed relationships beyond just being customers. We’ve wanted them to succeed and we promise to continue patronizing them.

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Now we’ll have other choices to broaden our horizons, while continuing on the same course. We asked for perspective from Rob Wrubel, who came here in 1998 as Dolan’s first CSBJ publisher. Now he’s an executive at Cascade Investment Group. Here’s what Wrubel had to say:

“CSBJ increases the amount of local news and issues covered each and every year. The paper had a fair amount of pre-written content when I got here. We moved to increase local news and local coverage. The CSBJ now has unique community events that it did not have before. It has a great mix of breaking news on its website and deeper analysis in the paper that was not possible before the Internet, text and email boom of the last decade.”

We appreciate the compliments, and we hope to continue that progress for many years to come.