Prescribed BurnFort Carson Fire and Emergency Services and Directorate of Public Works environmental staff is planning to commence prescribed burns this fall. Depending on the weather conditions, burning could start as soon as Saturday and continue through December.

There are 21 areas planned for prescribed burning. These areas total approximately 7,000 acres and are comprised of primarily grass and brush.  These areas are located across Fort Carson and are identified as high risk or hazardous fuel.  This is a proactive program to reduce the potential for an uncontrolled wildfire on the base, according to a news release sent by Fort Carson.

The prescribed burn program conducted is on Fort Carson and at the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site in southeastern Colorado to facilitate military training and natural resource conservation. These are carefully planned and executed burns reducing heavy vegetation in training areas that could provide potential fuel to a wildland fire, the release said.

The prescribed burns are conducted in accordance with permits issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and El Paso County. The base also works with state and local air quality authorities on smoke management. Each burn is conducted with a focus on safety and the potential impact for off-site effects of smoke on public health and visibility, the release said.

At Fort Carson, Directorate of Emergency Services fire fighters and Directorate of Public Works environmental staff develop prescribed burn plans that reduce smoke impacts by combining favorable weather conditions with many management techniques designed to keep smoke to a minimum. The base has an active education program to further community awareness, understanding and acceptance of the need for prescribed burns and fuels management programs, the release said.

Fort Carson continues to be supportive and understanding to the concerns of the surrounding community regarding air quality and the threat of wildland fires.  The prescribed burn program continues the installation’s dedication to the preservation of the environment and wildland fire risk management in Colorado.

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