Shawn-ThompsonShawn Thompson, market president of BBVA Compass bank, has held that post since May. He had spent the previous eight years at BBVA. Before that, he worked as vice president at American National Bank, now ANB Bank, and Peoples Bank. He graduated from Michigan State University with a major in food industry economics and management and a minor in finance. When he’s not at work, he’s playing golf, tennis or soccer or skiing and fly fishing with his wife Michelle and their three daughters.

Tell us about BBVA Compass.

BBVA Compass is part of BBVA, a global financial institution with operations in 30 countries. We deliver global resources through our commercial, retail and global wealth management experts in our Colorado Springs office.

Tell me your role at the bank.

As market president for BBVA Compass, my primary drive is to form relationships that can leverage BBVA Compass’ capabilities to benefit the greater Colorado Springs community. On a daily basis I lead our commercial banking team and coordinate activities with our local retail and wealth management partners to deliver innovative solutions to bank clients and prospects.

What’s the most important aspect of your bank?

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Innovation. BBVA Compass has a real-time core data processing system. This type of innovation allows the bank to deliver leading-edge products to individuals and businesses. Another benefit is it provides transparency to our customers.

What is your biggest challenge?

Personally, keeping up with my children’s schedules. So many activities — soccer, dance, tennis, gymnastics, musical lessons, coupled with school activities. Thankfully, my wife, Michelle, is über-organized and while the weekly roster of events seems daunting sometimes, we love every minute of watching our family gain skills, learn and enjoy life!

If you could change one aspect of Colorado Springs, what would that be?

Colorado Springs has so many positive aspects. I certainly understand the economic ramifications of adding additional community services, but if I had one wish I would like to be able to utilize a world-class public transit system.

That’s an unusual dream. Why?

In today’s economy, mobility is extraordinarily important. It certainly helps attract and retain young professionals. Colorado Springs is an absolute jewel of a place to live, but having a public transit system that connects the Colorado Springs Airport, downtown Colorado Springs, our local universities, our hospitals to Denver and to the mountain resorts would be a tremendous asset for the community as well as the state. n CSBJ