educationIn its 2014 Most and Least Educated Cities report, financial social network Wallet Hub found Colorado Springs to be the country’s eighth most-educated city.

The study ranked the city’s education level at ninth and ranked 31 in quality of education, according to the report. Colorado Springs was also found by the study to have America’s fourth-highest percentage of college-experienced adults or associate’s degree holders and the second-highest percentage of high school diploma holders.

According to the report, Ann Arbor, Michigan, came in first place. San Jose, California, was just ahead of the Springs at No. 7.

Beaumont, Texas, which came in last at No. 150. Denver placed 28th.

To determine the most and least educated cities in the country, Wallet Hub analyzed 150 of the largest metropolitan statistical areas using nine metrics:

– percentage of adults with high school diploma or higher (full weight);

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– percentage of adults with some college experience  or an associate’s degree of higher (full weight);

– percentage of adults with some college experience or a bachelor’s degree or higher (full weight);

– percentage of adults with a graduate/professional degree or higher (half weight);

– percentage of workers with jobs in computer, engineering and science fields (half weight);

– public school system ranking (full weight);

– average quality of universities (three-quarter weight); and

– number of enrolled students in top 200 universities per capita (quarter weight).

The entire report can be found at


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