City for ChampionsProponents of the City for Champions proposal cheered Thursday afternoon when their vision was approved by the Colorado State Economic Development Commission. The Colorado Springs public relations department issued the following news release:

“City for Champions reached an important milestone today when the final resolution was unanimously approved by the Colorado State Economic Development Commission.

“Adoption of this final resolution means that the EDC’s approval of the City for Champions Regional Tourism Act application on December 16, 2013, in the unprecedented amount of $120.5M has been formalized.

“After much collaboration between the City, County and State officials and a good deal of work by hundreds of citizens, business and community leaders working to ensure the success of the initiative, this agreement gives a triumphant green light to the four City for Champions project components to move forward in the development process.

“In addition, this allows the RTA Advisory Board, a stellar and diverse group of local citizens, to begin its important work in crafting specific requirements for the extraordinary City for Champions initiative.

“ ‘We are grateful to the State Economic Development Commission, the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, and the State Attorney General’s office for granting the City of Colorado Springs this historic opportunity and for their efforts in completing this resolution and their partnership on these exciting projects,’ said Bob Cope, senior business climate specialist for the City of Colorado Springs.

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“The adoption of the resolution was heralded with great enthusiasm by the leader of the citizen-led grassroots proponents of City for Champions, Laura Neumann, as she noted that ‘Now action can really begin to allow the four projects to be the catalyst for economic and job growth, business creation, start-up companies, recreational and outdoor initiatives, retaining young professionals and more. Hundreds of thousands of people will benefit from this bold and legacy-making decision the Commissioners made today.’ ”