The City of Colorado Springs announced Thursday morning it has been made aware of a pattern of scam phone calls being placed to residents.

The calls claim to be from the city’s sales tax office and that residents are at risk of arrest or indictment for tax evasion if a payment is not immediately made, according to the announcement.

The City warns that such calls, despite caller ID identification as the city’s sales tax office, are not legitimate and did not originate in Colorado Springs. The caller[s] are believed to be using “caller ID spoofing” to create the illusion of legitimacy, according to the announcement.

The city’s sales tax office only contacts licensed businesses by phone if the owner[s] owes taxes or has not filed a return, and they do not accept payment by phone.

The city asks those who have fallen prey to the scam contact the Colorado Springs Police Department on its non-emergency number, 444-7000, or access the “report a crime” link under the “public safety” tab of


  1. And if you contact the police department and file a crime report, what happens?
    Probably nothing.
    Rachel, from Credit Card Services, has been calling me two or three times a week for several years now. When I pointed out to that person that I was on the State and Federal Do Not Call list, they just laughed and laughed and said “How’s that working out or you”.

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