CNAFlying Horse Medical Center, a concierge medicine and aesthetics facility in the heart of Flying Horse, will officially open with a ribbon cutting ceremony July 31.

Retired Air Force veterans Ryen Hitzler and Dr. Aaron Fraser co-own the center, which had a soft opening last month.

“[We] have worked tirelessly for over a year while realizing our dream to start our own business providing prompt and extended family medicine care to Northern Colorado Springs and Monument,” Hitzler stated in a news release. “We have been described as going back to horse and buggy with in-home visits and extended doctor visits. We are trying to put ‘family’ back in family medicine.”

Concierge medicine normally involves regular payments in order to retain a physician rather than the more common model of fees for service. Those consistent payments aim to ensure more physician accessibility and comprehensive exams.

“Our fees are lower than industry standard and about the same as that of a gym membership,” the medical center’s website states. “The typical family practice physician has approximately 3,000 patients to sustain a profitable medical practice.  A concierge medicine model enables us to reduce patient numbers to between 500 and 750 patients per provider; resulting in extended physician exams, more comprehensive diagnosis and same-day appointments.”


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