Ask a typical Colorado Springs business owner, employee or resident about something related to Fountain, Monument or Green Mountain Falls, and you’ll likely receive nothing more than a shrug in reply.

Likewise, try to engage someone from Manitou Springs, Palmer Lake or Calhan about issues specific to Colorado Springs, and you’ll probably hear a similar “who cares” response.

That’s not how it should be, working either way. Anyone who cares about Colorado Springs should be paying attention to the rest of El Paso County, and vice versa. To emphasize our point, the Business Journal is doing something about that with the latest event in our quarterly Power Lunch series.

This one is titled “State of the Cities: A Regional Approach,” scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 24, at the Hotel Eleganté.

Our simple idea was to invite mayors from across El Paso County to share in a discussion about matters that are important to them — not just the topics specific to their individual cities but also the issues that they have in common.

The group of guest mayors will include Marc Snyder of Manitou Springs, Gabriel Ortega of Fountain, Rafael Dominguez of Monument, Lorrie Worthey of Green Mountain Falls and Nikki McDonald of Palmer Lake.

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Because we realize the audience might not be fully aware of what might be good questions to ask, we’ll take care of that job on the front end — though rest assured there will be time set aside near the end of the 90-minute lunch for anyone to bring up more subjects if they wish.


Some of the points that come out of this conversation might very well resonate for Colorado Springs and the entire county. 

[/pullquote]We’re looking forward to hearing what they have to say on such themes as growth and economic development, the possible impact of further military budget cuts, transportation and more.

Of course, we’ll also make sure to address what is sure to be the elephant in the room. That, of course, would be stormwater, and in particular whether those mayors and their constituents would be open to a countywide November ballot measure.

In case anybody is wondering, we did invite Mayor Steve Bach of Colorado Springs, but that didn’t work out. Actually, it might be better in the long run, especially since we already have a good idea of where Bach stands on many of these issues, starting with stormwater. In fact, we still hope Mayor Bach will send at least one emissary, not just to be diplomatic but to observe and listen to the discussion.

Actually, Bach still could win some major goodwill points by showing up just to be in the audience. Who knows, some points in this conversation might very well resonate for Colorado Springs and the entire county. At least, that’s what we’re expecting to happen.

How easy will it be to participate in this Power Lunch? Just go to and register with a credit card. The lunch sponsors are Ent Federal Credit Union and Platinum Relations, and the cost will be the same as for our previous lunches: $25 for subscribers, $35 for nonsubscribers. Any questions, call 634-5905.

It’s no excuse to say that the issues in Fountain, Manitou and the rest aren’t relevant to Colorado Springs. They do matter, now more than ever. So if this Power Lunch isn’t on your calendar yet, it should be. nCSBJ


  1. Gosh knows CS needs all the assistance and help they can get. Obviously the current City administration and Council knows little or nothing about promoting and supporting small business.

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