Climate ChangeColorado has been chosen to be the United States’ hub for Future Earth, the new international program for global sustainability.

The effort brings together thousands of the world’s scientists on global environmental change, according to the website of the The International Council For Science (ICSU).

Other hubs are located in Montreal, Canada; Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan; and Stockholm, Sweden.

The ICSU, on behalf of the members of the Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability, made the announcement Wednesday.

Solutions to the major sustainability challenges facing humanity require integrated science and a closer relationship with policy makeers and stakeholders than we have seen to date,” said Yuan-Tseh Lee, president of the ICSU.

Future Earth has been designed to respond to these urgent needs.”

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The consortium will work with thousands of scientists engaged in global climate change research and build new alliances to help effect a change.

Establishing the global network will strengthen partnerships between researchers and stakeholders worldwide, said World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Secretary General Michel Jarraud.

WMO looks forward to continued strong engagement with the World Climate Research Programme, the WMO-led Global Framework for Climate Services and other strategic partnerships, so Future Earth can gain access to some of the best available research for addressing the most pressing needs of society,” Jarraud said.

This is an innovative model for traditional academic approaches to research and engagement, but one increasingly adopted throughout the private sector, because a globalized world demands innovative and collaborative approaches,” said a joint statement by the international consortium. “We believe a globally distributed leadership model will serve the international community best in advancing new knowledge and novel approaches to solve humanity’s most pressing global sustainability challenges.”


  1. It was the world scientists and their personal empires and money handlers who brought us to where we are. Maybe you should gather the engineering technologists who made the things that the scientists decided to do knowing all of the time why they would fall apart like they did in Spain. The people who know now the best way to do things maybe. These people have mostly been relegated to keeping what they managed to make work stay alive. Well the methods needed to make a system work are alive and suppressed by the system. Generating more system is probably not going to help much. Global warming has been reversed for a couple of years now. And we know that one volcano can produce as much pollution as all of the fuel ever burned. What needs to happen is to get the system out of the way and let the much talked about innovation get together. Take the money and the ego out of it and see if survival might work again. Not possible- maybe that is correct.

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