health-careConnect for Health Colorado announced Monday that 124,000 Coloradans signed up for private health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Of those, 9.2 percent, or 8,309, are residents of El Paso County. In nearby Teller County, 424 people, or .5 percent of the statewide total, signed up for insurance.

Connect for Health Colorado’s open enrollment period lasted from Oct. 1 through March 31. Those unable to complete their enrollment before the March 31 deadline were given until April 15 to finish enrolling.

“By providing a diverse range of support services, including a website portal, customer service center, community-based Assistance Sites and a network of certified brokers, Connect for Health Colorado was able to serve Coloradans across the state to purchase coverage for their families and small businesses,” said Connect for Health Colorado Board Chair Gretchen Hammer.

During its first open enrollment period, Connect for Health Colorado offered 150 health plans for individuals and families through 10 different insurance companies. The marketplace also offered 92 health plans through six insurers to small businesses through its SHOP program.

“Our goal was to create a new, competitive marketplace where Coloradans could shop for health insurance and access new tax credits to reduce costs,” said CEO Patty Fontneau.

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The marketplace fostered greater competition for the benefit of consumers and provided prices that were affordable to many Coloradans. Tax credits averaged $277 a month – bringing costs down significantly for many customers.

Only small businesses and Coloradans with a life-changing event like the birth of a child or loss of coverage may enroll in health insurance between now and 2015. Coloradans can apply for Medicaid year-round. Connect for Health Colorado operates with separate technology and customer service operations from the federal marketplace.


  1. Of the 124,000 how many qualified for medicaid? To say people signed up is irrelevant and poor reporting since the reason to mandate insurance was for the young to help augment the old; if the vast majority
    qualified for medicaid then it causes more burden to an already broken system.

    Lets get some real reporting and give some data and not just a tag line!

  2. How many of that 124,000 lost their previous health insurance policy due to ACA? How many of that 124,000 are under 39 years of age? How many of that 124,000 signed up for medicade? How many of that 124,000 paid for a policy?

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