177587539At the request of City Council President Keith King, who has said that street repairs do not constitute an emergency, the executive branch is now foregoing the $2 million emergency appropriation request for pothole repairs and recommending the request go through the regular but accelerated process.

The City initially requested Council’s emergency ordinance procedure to expedite hiring outside contractors to begin the pothole repairs as soon as possible. The Council will now vote twice on the funding – first on Tuesday, April 8, followed by a second vote on Tuesday, April 22.

The recommended accelerated process will allow for the supplemental appropriation to be brought before City Council Monday, April 7 for discussion and Tuesday, April 8 (rather than April 22) for the first reading. The second reading would then occur on April 22.

In order to get contractors to begin working on the streets soon, the executive branch recommended the accelerated appropriation process.