Peak-Startup-Logo-Transparent-BlueText-750-MidRes-e1396368565612Two Colorado Springs non-profit organizations with a shared focus on the entrepreneurial community have officially joined forces.

Peak Venture Group and Startup Colorado Springs have merged to become Peak Startup. Peak Startup’s mission will carry on the vision of the original two organizations: to create an innovative, entrepreneurial community in Colorado Springs through events, education and mentoring.

“We realized that the two organizations had complementary events and that our missions were nearly identical,” said Chris Franz, president of Peak Venture Group and co-chair of Startup Colorado. “We found ourselves frequently collaborating and finally decided that we could much better serve the community if we joined forces.”

Peak Venture Group, founded in 2000, has a long history of providing locally focused assistance and resources to entrepreneurs in the city. Startup Colorado Springs is several years old and ties to Startup Colorado and many other statewide and national events and organizations. The combination of local, statewide and national connections will provide startup entrepreneurs with diverse tools to grow their companies.

According to the Kauffman Foundation, startups account for nearly all of the job growth in the U.S. and Peak Startup will continue to drive that growth for Colorado Springs.

Peak Venture Group events include Pitch Night, Entrepreneur Evenings and Celebrate Technology. Startup Colorado Springs hosts Open Coffee Club, Startup Weekend and other collaborative events with entities such as Colorado College and UCCS. After the merger, Peak Startup will lead another national event, Startup Week Colorado Springs, linking to events in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins.

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“Each group has its strengths and every member of the two boards was unanimous in agreeing that the community would be much better served through a merger,” said Nick Lee, co-founder of Startup Colorado Springs.

“We’re looking forward to some of the great things we can do as a group with combined resources. We’ve been having meetings with entrepreneurial organizations across the state and all of them are excited to hear that more collaboration is happening in Colorado Springs.”


Hear from a panel of local entrepreneurs discuss free and cheap startup resources at Open Coffee Club at 7:30 a.m., April 3 at Epicentral, 409 N. Tejon Street.

The panel will include: Chris Franz, president of Peak Startup and CEO of Atrium Capital Markets Group; Julian Flores, founder of GetOutfitted; and Spencer Norman, founder of ColliderCreative.