Dr. Mark Tomasulo plans to “change the face of health care.”
Dr. Mark Tomasulo plans to “change the face of health care.”
Dr. Mark Tomasulo plans to “change the face of health care.”
Dr. Mark Tomasulo plans to “change the face of health care.”

Dr. Mark Tomasulo wants to deliver medicine differently. The Colorado Springs family practice physician wants to give his medical skills not in 10-minute quick clips, as medicine has evolved to these days, he said.

Instead, he wants to return to giving patients quality time with their physician.

And then some.

In July or August, Tomasulo plans to open his new clinic, PeakMed Primary Care. The business’ website, peakmed.com, says, “We’re redefining healthcare one patient at a time.”

The new definition of health care involves patients paying a membership fee per month. In exchange, the patient has 24/7 access to a physician and no co-pays. Physician access may involve phone, text, email and video chat. Also, there will be no office wait times, Tomasulo said.

“When you make an appointment at 11 a.m., you’ll be seen at 11,” he said.

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The business model also includes low-cost pharmaceuticals.

“We’re able to purchase medicine at wholesale cost, and we can pass that on to the patient,” Tomasulo said. For example, medicine that costs $48 a month through a traditional pharmacy may be as little as $4.85, he said. “We keep our administrative costs very low to pass that on to the patients.”

Tomasulo wants to really get to know the patients individually and give them 30-45 minutes each.

Not only would he give the patients more time, but the setting will be different too — more like a home’s living room than a waiting room.

A typical patient practice allocates 2,500 to 3,000 patients per physician, “which is why you need to see 30 patients a day,” he said. “It’s hard to manage diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol problems in a 15-minute appointment.”

Tomasulo’s new model would eliminate billing, medical coding and collections, what he called the administrative overhead. “My concept is to change the face of health care,” Tomasulo said “The current system is broken, and it’s not going to be fixed by politics or big government.

“It’s going to be fixed by doctors and patients.”

His new clinic is under construction at 6915 Tutt Blvd. in northeast Colorado Springs.


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