Spice Island Grill, an authentic Jamaican eatery in downtown Colorado Springs, had raised $190 of its $5,000 goal Monday with one day remaining of its online campaign to reopen the restaurant.

Spice Island owners Glenroy and Claudette Hutchinson set up the “Save the Spice” page on the crowd-funding site Plumfund.com last week aimed at raising funds to pay off the $3,500 in taxes the restaurant owes the Colorado Department of Revenue.

“As you all know, the IRS has cut short Colorado’s experience with authentic Jamaican cuisine,” the page states. “You, our faithful customers, can help us continue to provide tasty and delicious Jamaican cuisine that Colorado Springs have come to know and love.”

The grill at 10 N. Sierra Madre St. closed Thursday (the same day the webpage was created) in lieu of the fundraiser, according to Spice Island’s Facebook page.

The five-day Plumfund campaign was organized by Claudette Hutchinson, who started the restaurant with her husband Glenroy in 2011. In the post, Hutchinson said that “once we have fulfilled our financial obligations to Uncle Sam, we will launch our Reggae Series.” The series, according to Hutchinson, will include concerts, international cooking demonstrations and group tours to Jamaica. More information about that event can be found at meetup.com or on the business’ Facebook page.

The restaurant’s closure and tax troubles comes just weeks after Manitou’s The Dulcimer Shop reached its $25,000 goal on crowd-funding site Indiegogo.com, avoiding government asset seizure also related to back taxes.

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  1. so you mismanage a business and fail to pay taxes as you do not have the cash to do so and then you start begging….

    Not sure if that is a positive thing dear business journal.. maybe it is time to show positive examples of businesses who thrive and maybe as well start a series which highlight hurdles and regulations which stifle business growth and once removed could help business to grow instead of focusing on welfare

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