Colorado new car and truck sales started the year in a positive direction as registrations increased 3 percent in January over January 2013.

Those results and more are available in the January 2014 Colorado Auto Outlook Report released this week by the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA).

New vehicle registrations for Porsche, Audi and Lexus each increased more than 30 percent during January of this year. Porsche led the way with a 77.3 percent increase; followed by Audi at 37.3 percent and Lexus at 30.9 percent, according to a press release by CADA.

“In Colorado, we’ve enjoyed four years of growth in new car and truck registrations, and now January’s numbers will continue that trend into a fifth year,” said Tim Jackson, president of CADA. “While January numbers were positive, we think overall sales for some brands were sluggish because of the cold weather.

“Nevertheless, manufacturer incentives remain strong and along with relatively low gas prices, affordable financing and demand for new cars and trucks to replace an aging fleet, we predict 2014 should be another strong year for sales.”

Mid-size SUVs and mid-size crossover SUVs led in market share gains for the first month of the year, he said.

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Meanwhile, the used vehicle market in Colorado was up 5.5 percent in January 2014 (vehicles seven years old or newer) and improved 3.8 percent in 2013.

For a complete copy of the January 2014 Colorado Auto Outlook Report, email The InterPro Group at, or call 303-503-6677.

The Colorado Auto Outlook Report was prepared for CADA by Auto Outlook, Inc., an independent automotive market research firm in Malvern, Penn., based on statistics compiled by AutoCount data from Experian Automotive. Editor’s Note:  Registration numbers vs. sales numbers run about two months behind compared to actual sales.