Region-VIIIRegion VIII of the U.S. Small Business Administration partnered with SCORE Colorado this week to launch an initiative to attract volunteers and increase counseling and training across the state.

SCORE–which has 150 members in the state with offices in Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo–partnered with the SBA’s Region VIII (which includes Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming) to help serve its 3,000 clients and continue to expand, officials said in a news release.

“For 50 years, SCORE mentors have helped millions of new small businesses start and grow,” Matt Varilek, Region VIII SBA Administrator, said in the release.

“We strongly encourage more [Coloradans], of any age, to join SCORE and help the state’s small business community prosper.”

SCORE currently has around 11,000 volunteers nationwide, all representing separate sectors including entrepreneurship, corporations, military and higher education.

“SCORE volunteers enjoy a variety of personal and professional benefits,” Ken Hootnick, Regional SCORE  Vice President, said in the release.

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“You will enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to the success of others, many of them young people with a dream to thrive as an entrepreneur.”


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