Sporting goods stores around the region report brisk sales of Denver Broncos merchandise leading into the Super Bowl.

Sunday, the AFC champion Denver Broncos take on the NFC champion Seattle Seahawks in the most-watched sporting event of the year.

Sales have “doubled, quadrupled the sales of previous years,” said Michael Reffalt, store manager of Sports Fanatic at Chapel Hills Mall. The most popular item is the “Super Bowl-bound” T-shirt, he said, in addition to Denver quarterback Peyton Manning No. 18 jerseys.

“People are excited they’re back to the Super Bowl,” Reffalt said. “It’s been 15 years. A lot of people have their old stuff and want new stuff.”

Down the mall at Prime Time Sports, Jennifer Winckler reported Manning jerseys are the pick of choice among customers. Other items emblazoned with the iconic Broncos logo include car accessories, helmets, baby accessories, beanies, hoodies, T-shirts, jewelry, banners, photos and posters.

“Pretty much you name it, I’ve got it,” Winckler said.

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She was not able to estimate how much sales have increased over previous years, but “our sales are definitely up.”

Fabien Roberge, manager of the Target at 5240 N. Academy Blvd., reported an increase in sales of around 25 percent over previous years.

“They’re selling OK,” he said Tuesday morning. “The weather has really slowed down sales.”

Target just received another shipment of T-shirts, hoodies, caps and other items.

Should the Broncos win the game, Roberge said, “we’ll have Super Bowl Champs T-shirts on Monday.”