Woman and young girl in kitchen with laptop and paperwork smilinGreccio Housing and Family Life Services announced their partnership this week to bring additional housing to Colorado Springs.

Family Life Services and its outreach ministry, Women of Courage, work to teach single mothers and their children life skills.

Since 1990, Greccio Housing has specialized in developing and managing affordable multi-family apartments in Colorado Springs. Together, Greccio and Family Life Services will provide housing and support services to women head-of-household families.

The partnership will generate income to support Family Life Services’ community-based services and new housing opportunities.

Greccio is expanding its portfolio of properties by adding Family Life Services nine apartment units, ranging in size from efficiencies to four bedrooms. These apartments are on the southwest side of Colorado Springs. This addition brings Greccio’s portfolio to 21 apartment properties with 432 rental units.


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