2014 Women of Influence

Vanessa Moorman Jeanne Salcetti Kim Nguyen Anita Lane Martha Barton Janet Kerr Kristen Christy Camille Blakely Janice Weiland Queen Brown Karla Grazier Susan Payne Patricia Ellis


Jenifer Furda, Associate Publisher

This is our chance to take a moment and celebrate what amazing women we have in our community!
Our hope is that you will look at this group of 13 extraordinary women and recognize many of them and know their accomplishments. But some of them, we hope, will be new to you — which also means you’ll wonder who they are and what they have done. That’s because all of them use their influence one way or another to make a difference. These are incredible women who represent nonprofits, media, technology, medical and financial industries.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A woman is like a tea bag — you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” These are women who live under constant pressure, yet they are moving mountains within their companies and also making a difference in our community.

We hope that you take some time to get to know these women … and if there are any whom you don’t know personally, take them out for a cup of coffee and see how you can change the world together.

Thank you to all of our attendees at the 2014 Women of Influence Luncheon, thank you to ALL of our past Women of Influence (listed in the back of this magazine), and thank you to ALL of the women in our community who are not sitting idly by … but who are making things happen and using their influence as their super power!