VJ_NechieHall_bwThe Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center’s Board of Trustees has named local advertising, marketing and communications executive Nechie Hall as interim president and CEO.

Best known for co-founding PRACO–now Vladimir Jones– with her late husband, Jim, Hall still serves as CEO and chairman, after retiring from day-to-day operations of the company.

From 1998 to 2004, she served as a trustee of the FAC , during which time she was a member of the executive committee, vice chair of the board and also served as marketing committee chair.

“Having the freedom to take the reins of this historic institution puts me square in the middle of my lifelong passion for the arts and love of the Fine Arts Center,” Nechie said Monday in a news release.

“I believe in the importance of the arts in building a healthy quality of life and a strong economic environment for our community. This opportunity to help not only maintain stability of staff and funding sources, but to help identify relevance for all audiences, taps into my strengths.”

Hall replaces Sam Gappmayer, who resigned Nov. 22 to accept a position as CEO of the Peoria Riverfront Museum in Peoria, Ill.

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The FAC board plans to begin the search for a permanent CEO very soon.


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