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Walk into a room with Karole Campbell, and you’ll immediately be surrounded by people who want to chat — but not with you. They absolutely have to talk to Campbell.

That’s because she has a well-deserved reputation as someone who gets things done, as a tireless advocate for causes she care about and as a creative and utterly dependable business partner.

Until starting her own company this year, Campbell had spent 20 years in advertising sales, working as an account executive for several local TV stations during the 1990s, and spending 10 years with Comcast Spotlight. She thrived in the chaotic, pressured environment of media sales, and was twice named to the Comcast President’s Club, which honors the top

5 percent of sales staff nationwide.

It’s tough enough to have a successful business career, but it’s tougher still to balance the demands of family, career and community. Campbell’s deep and extensive record of community involvement is impressive, even inspirational.

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“Karole’s reach and leadership in the community goes back many years,” wrote Sarah Ryals in nominating Campbell as a Woman of Influence. “She’s the most gifted networker I know, which accounts for her success in so many professional and volunteer roles.”

Campbell has held multiple positions with the American Advertising Federation, not just locally but regionally and nationally. She co-founded the Colorado Springs Mentor Walk, served on the Pikes Peak United Way Campaign Council, chaired Citizens Project and was the sponsorship chair for the local organizers of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Amanda Mountain, who also nominated Campbell as a Woman of Influence, noted Campbell’s formidable fundraising skills.

“As an expert fundraiser,” Mountain wrote, “Karole has brought in over $1 million in donations for projects on which she’s worked for nonprofits.”

There’s a reason for Campbell’s success.

“Karole is someone you call when you need to get something done,” Mountain continued. “She is always one to generate some of the best ideas in the room, and she always follows through.”

In February, Campbell started her own company, Madwoman Marketing Strategies, a full-service marketing agency that “marries a tremendous passion for our Pikes Peak community” with a commitment to partnering with outstanding local creative talent. The result: “a sales and consumer-focused approach to increasing YOUR business,” she said on her resume.

Will she succeed? Don’t even think of betting against her — there’s a reason everyone wants to talk to Karole Campbell.

— John Hazlehurst