Colorado Springs Technology Incubator announced Tuesday that it will work jointly with High Altitude Investors to create a venture fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in the Pikes Peak region.

The venture, called MashUp, “will bring together investors, entrepreneurs, peers, job seekers, and mentors in education, discussion, and networking,” according to the release.

The partnership has planned its first MashUp event for Nov. 20 at Bristol Brewing Company, at the Ivywild School in southwest Colorado Springs.

“MashUp will expose entrepreneur wannabes to a wide range of entrepreneurs, from those who recently caught the entrepreneurial bug to CEOs who’ve grown companies from scratch and successfully sold them,” the release said.

High Altitude Investors is a Springs-based organization of accredited investors specializing in private investment opportunities in Southern Colorado and along the Front Range, while the Technology Incubator is a municipal entity that advises clients in areas of research, analysis, planning and relations within the tech market.

The release stresses the importance of increasing people’s exposure to entrepreneurism, especially in matters involving software and the online environment, which in turn can generate much economic growth in any given region.

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“Our region is rich with entrepreneurial activity that we wish to cultivate,” said Technology Incubator CEO Ric Denton in the release. “Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation regarding startup best practices, which can cost companies thousands in legal and accounting fees.

“MashUp is built around a shared belief that a fledgling business is far more likely to succeed when aspiring entrepreneurs are matched with proven experience and skilled mentors. Our larger objective is to foster a climate that encourages entrepreneurial growth, which is key to our community’s economic vitality.”


  1. No action item, no URL, no email, no phone number or any information for a potential entrepreneur to follow up with. Bad journalism at best. If you are going to call yourself a business publication then take more positive action to promote business.

  2. As I finished reading the article the same questions as Mr. Shepard came to mind. I do, however, credit the Journal for telling us about the MashUp. BTW, “MashUp” is a generic term not limited to the excellent effort of High Altitude and CSTI.

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