The Colorado Springs City Council does not favor creating a physical stormwater department, “nor do we have plans to expand city government,” said Council President Keith King on Monday. King’s statements reiterated statements made to Mayor Steve Bach in an Oct. 14 letter.

Council proposes a stormwater appropriation department dedicated to stormwater operations and maintenance. Council also will propose budgeting $2 million from the 2013 budget to begin working on flooding issues from this year.

“We are advocating for the creation of a ‘virtual’ department, or more accurately, a stormwater appropriations or dedicated funding source. This virtual department is strictly an accounting mechanism to inform citizens of how much revenue we are allocating to stormwater and ensures that the funds are solely dedicated to stormwater,” he said.

“We must commit money from our general fund for operation and maintenance; we must show our citizens we are serious about addressing the stormwater drainage issues; we must show our friends in Pueblo that we are resolute about how much we are spending; and most importantly, we must make sure, as Council, that we can audit the numbers and prove our expenditures to the citizens,” King said.

The “virtual” department or appropriations will give the city a baseline to start from.


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