vericleanDee Anna Thompson, 31, is the owner and president of VeriClean Springs, a full-service commercial and residential janitorial company that she started here in 2009. Since its inception, VeriClean Springs has won various awards and formed several community partnerships. Thompson, a recently married mother of two, took some time this week to talk to us about the role that she and the business play in the community.

Where are you from originally and what brought you here?

I’m from Broomfield and was raised on a farm the first part of my childhood. In 2006, I bought a new car, drove it off the lot and moved here to be closer to my sister. I also knew that Colorado Springs was a city in which I could grow my business and be heard as a Young Professional. I have realized that the resources and potential are endless. Colorado Springs is getting ready to hit a bell curve, and I’m so happy to be on board!


What do you like most about being a young professional and business owner in the Springs?

There is so much support in being a young professional down here! This is a city where it is easy for us young professionals to be recognized for our efforts and finally feel like we’re making a difference. Being a business owner is one of the most gratifying feelings. There are so many different resources and organizations that are designed to help engage business owners and keep us in business. Colorado Springs is the best city in which Young Professionals can be heard and recognized.

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What was it was like to kickstart your company?

When I initially set up my company in 2009, I needed a lot of help. I went to the Small Business Development Center for some free advice from Matt Barrett and Shawna Rogers, who listened to my situation and advised me on what to do next. They gave me some much needed advice and with that I was off! Since then I have been voted Best Cleaning Company in Colorado Springs by the Gazette in 2012 and won third place in 2013, and we were also recognized as a runnerup by the Business Journal in 2013. We have five team members and one supervisor on board with us, and I continue to value the advice from the SBDC and current mentors I have acquired through the Rising Professionals, while growing my company.


Aside from cleaning, what does VeriClean Springs have to offer the Pikes Peak region?

In 2012, I founded an organization called Women with Hat-itudes, geared to creating a $5,000 scholarship for one deserving woman to use toward her business. We team her up with about five different mentors that are the movers and shakers in the community and will be able to give her a year’s worth of advice. We are partnered with the SBDC, which will give away a seat to one of their classes designed to help her write a business plan and work out financials. We are also partnered with Leadership Pikes Peak (LPP), the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance and the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.


Why is working with nonprofits so important?

They are the heart and soul of our community. I have many years of volunteering for several nonprofits in the past and still do currently. I believe in them so much I founded Women with Hat-itudes last year after realizing how valuable it is to have women in business and to give them the resources they need to ignite their own passion.


What goals and aspirations do you have?

I would love to grow our business and continue to supply our team members with paychecks. I’m happy to contribute to the decreasing unemployment rate because we have a growing business. My ultimate goal is to increase our economy. I’m doing what I love, and loving what I do!