Now that a second effort to recall state Sen. Evie Hudak, D-Aurora, has been launched by NRA-backed Republicans, maybe it’s time for Democrats to reconsider their strategy as they attempt to fight off such efforts.

When recall petitions were certified against Sen. John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, and Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, Democrats huffed and puffed and pretended to be delighted to join battle with their ancient adversaries.

Christy Lelait, who ran Morse’s campaign to retain his seat, dismissed out of hand any suggestion that the Party’s interest would be best served if Morse resigned prior to the scheduled election.

Under the law, if Morse had resigned within 10 days after the petitions were certified by the Secretary of State, the local democratic Party could have appointed his successor. The election would have been canceled, saving the taxpayers a couple of hundred thousand, the Democrats would have retained the seat, and the frustrated Repubs would have blown time, money and effort for naught.

Sure, they would have won a Pyrrhic victory, but the Dems would have been the real winners. Their opponents would have looked like graceless, angry partisans, while Morse could have played the statesman, bowing out gracefully to save the taxpayers money and to avoid a divisive, unnecessary campaign.

Consider: If the now-energized Repubs manage to recall Hudak, the Dems will lose their Senate majority. That might not displease Gov. John Hickenlooper, who wouldn’t have to deal with a torrent of lefty bills from the legislature, but it would sure hurt the Democrats, locally and nationally.

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So it may be time to throw Sen. Hudak under the bus. Were she to selflessly withdraw, you can be sure that she’d be offered a nice job somewhere in the private or public sector, and forever bask in her reputation as one who had sacrificed her political career for the greater good.

And, of course, she’d have the pleasure of giving the Repubs what they wanted to give her: a swift kick in the rear!




  1. Of course they wont fight. They are Colorado Democrats. They really don’t have a clue how to fight. Or even that they should.

  2. I wonder if Hazlehurst would have told Morse to drop out for the good of the Democrat party? I think John would have told Morse to fight on and win the recall. Now that Hazlehurst sees that gun owners can reach out and touch Morse and Giron he sings a different tune. I notice he says Hudak “would be offered a nice job somewhere in the private or public sector.” Is that what it is all about? Doing the bidding of Billionaires Bloomberg and Eli Broad by attacking the citizens of Colorado’s Second Amendment and being given a nice job! We knew these Democrats were being paid off by Billionaires from New York and California to take our guns but I am surprised John Hazlehurst would be so up front about it! Also we do expect businesses to aid in this recall because Democrats are not your friends. Don’t sit this one out and let gun owners do all the work. Remember these Democrats are coming after you also. Don’t fear Democrats. If gun owners can do this much damage to them think of what we could do together. Help recall Hudak!

  3. If Hudak steps down, the recallers win without even having to hold the vote. They’re sole purpose is to show future legislators that their butts are on the line if they vote for gun control. That’s it. They don’t care about which party has the majority in one half of the state legislature. Whether she leaves office with a fight or steps down, she’d be one more scalp for the NRA, which is the whole point of the recall effort.

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