Colorado Springs East Airport, a private airstrip located 16 miles east of the city, is up for sale.

The airport’s shareholders have decided to sell the corporation and its assets, according to a press release from the organization.

“This would be an outstanding location for UAV testing, a missionary flight organization, a Young Eagles-type program,” said James Roache, president of the board and airport manager. “We have a low population density and no obstructions such as power lines or buildings to interfere with aircraft operations.”

The Springs East Airport recently signed on to UAS Colorado, a coalition of local, regional and state leaders who want to have Colorado chosen as one of six test sites for the integration of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles in U.S. airspace. The Federal Aviation Administration has taken applications from all 50 states, and will decide on six sites by the end of the year.

“We’ve got a lot going for us here, with our large land area, sparsely populated surroundings, good weather, flat terrain and proximity to military, aeronautics and space industry operations in Colorado Springs,” he said.

The private airstrip has three runways, 261 acres of land that includes mineral rights, two water wells, a fuel system, equipment, vehicles, a park for camping and a terminal building.

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Historically, income from the airport has derived from the sale of and assessments on hangars and lots, from landing fees and from a sharecropping hay operation.

The  planned “Springs East Airpark” for business development is also for sale, by a different entity. The land is zoned and platted for 10 three-acre residential/hangar lots and a fly-in bed and breakfast.