Christina McGrath, executive director of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, will be leaving the organization by the end of the year.

McGrath is engaged to an Air Force officer, and plans to move with him on his next assignment after they marry in December, she said in an email announcement about the decision.

“I have been honored to serve as the Executive Director of COPPeR for the past three years,” she said. “It has been an incredible experience to help to lead COPPeR and the arts community and be part of the positive momentum happening in the community.”

McGrath said that the COPPeR board is accepting applications for a replacement. A complete job description is on the company’s website and the deadline for applications is Oct. 23.

“COPPeR was fairly new when I first came on board,” she said. “And it’s been really fun to work with other organizations and to gain a seat at the table. It’s been positive not only for COPPeR, but for the arts and culture community as well.”

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A native of Colorado Springs, McGrath says she has never left the city for a long period of time.

“I went to college in Ohio, but came right back to Colorado Springs, and started working at El Pomar,” she said. “So this will be the first time away from the Pikes Peak region. And that’s difficult; it’s hard. My passion isn’t just for the work I do at COPPeR, it’s for the entire region.”

But she’ll be back.

“I will be excited to come back,” she said. “And we think that will happen.”

McGrath’s departure is still a few months away, she said.

“I look forward to working with you, COPPeR and the community during the final quarter of the year and will continue to work to create a community united by creativity: inviting, educating and connecting,” she said. “Look to hear more from us as we embark on this exciting search for the next leader of this tremendous organization.”