158356297Lockheed Martin received a $20 million contract to support air, space defense and missile warning systems for the North American Aerospace Defense Command and Cheyenne Mountain Complex as a modification to the military’s integrated space command and control program.

Under this option, Lockheed Martin will sustain critical national defense missions at multiple locations worldwide. It’s the second option exercised from the contract awarded in October 2012.

The space command and control program, known as ISC2 in military parlance, is the common, interoperable command-and-control enterprise that supports missions for NORAD, U.S. Strategic Command and U.S. Northern Command.

“We are proud to support our nation’s missile warning mission,” said Rob Smith, vice president for space and cyber at Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Solutions. “We’ll work with our customer to ensure that ISC2 remains the critical link in enabling geographically disparate commanders to monitor and assess multi-mission threats concurrently.”

Under the sustainment contract, Lockheed Martin supports ISC2 space, air defense and missile warning missions, ensuring that data is seamlessly shared between those and other systems. The air defense and missile warning missions are part of the integrated tactical warning attack assessment mission, which provides warning if North America is under attack.  The space mission system is used to catalog space objects and perform conjunction assessments to provide manned space flight safety and protect other key space assets.

As the prime contractor for the ISC2 program, Lockheed Martin modernized the U.S. Air Force’s air defense, missile warning, and space command and control information technology infrastructure, integrated and replaced more than 30 legacy systems.

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Since 2000, Lockheed Martin has supported components of the ISC2 system around the world. The system has personnel at Offutt Air Force Base, Peterson Air Force Base, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, as well as other locations. Work on the ISC2 contract is performed in Colorado Springs.