Gary Henry will be the new executive director for the Colorado Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

Henry, who worked as vice president of operations at McNew & Associates before accepting the PTAC job, was also on the board of directors for the PTAC for more than three years.

The PTAC is a state and federal government funded nonprofit that aids small business in navigating the complex environment to receive local, state and federal contracts.

“As we outlined what we were looking for, the qualifications we need, I realized this was something I was passionate about, something I wanted to do,” he said. “So I threw my hat in the ring.”

Henry is a former Air Force Officer, where he worked at Schriever Air Force Base and at Space Command. He then moved to ITT Exelis in the Springs, before becoming a consultant at McNew & Associates.

“Mike and Lisanne McNew have this business where they help businesses after they get the contract,” he said. “Things like payroll and regulations.”

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The McNews said they were pleased with Henry’s move.

“Although we are sad to see Gary go, we are excited for him and what his selection means to the growth of Colorado business,” the two said in an email. “ After having served on the PTAC board for the past three years, Gary filling the role of the executive director is a seamless move for the PTAC and for Colorado in total.  McNew & Associates looks forward to continuing our support of the PTAC and working with Gary to foster the growth of Colorado businesses, helping in their pursuit of government contracting opportunities and post contract award administration support.”

And the PTAC position brings his career full-circle.

“This is a quasi-governmental job,” he said. “So it brings me back working for the government in contracts.”

As its new executive director, Henry says his goal will be to create partnerships with other groups like SCORE and the Small Business Development Center to help small businesses gain access to government contracts.

“There are a lot of groups doing a lot of things for small business,” he said. “But there’s no single roadmap. I want to create that.”

Henry is the third director of the PTAC, which is headquartered in Colorado Springs with offices around the state.