yp_carly_bennettCarly Bennett has lived in Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Arizona, Kansas, Florida and now Colorado. Her family moved every other year while she was growing up. She now works for the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance as director of membership and voluntary fulfillment. A graduate of UCCS, Bennett also worked as a volunteer for Americorps in Virginia. After a stint living in Denver, she moved back to Colorado Springs because she loves the hiking and biking here.

Tell us about your job.

I am the director of membership and volunteer fulfillment with the Business Alliance. My job is very broad. I oversee all aspects of member investor volunteer engagement and maintain a positive relationship with member investors. I also develop partnerships with community partners and work to establish new programs that are beneficial to our mission and goals. I am the primary point of contact for our members, as well as nonmembers, interested in learning about how to get engaged with the Business Alliance. Another aspect of my job is to run and maintain the Rising Professional Group.

How have your past jobs influenced your current career?

My last job was at Junior Achievement in Roanoke, Va., where I was the volunteer coordinator. That job directly ties in with my current position in membership and helped me understand the logistics of a membership.

However, I think my volunteer work is really what has influenced my career the greatest. I have spent most of my summers volunteering for organizations such as local hospitals, schools, World Changers, and House of Hope. Each one of these opportunities made me understand I want to be heavily engaged in my community. They allowed for the realization that I love being involved in projects that positively affect the world around me.

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How do you go about initially meeting young professionals?

Part of my job is to run the Business Alliance Rising Professionals. I am fortunate that this was made easy via my job. My involvement in the group helped me meet a variety of young professionals in the area. We have around 300 members, so meeting people in my age demographic has been very easy!

What events do you have?

We have a variety of events at the Business Alliance. Our events range from our signature ones such as State of the City (Aug. 1) to Military Affairs Council and Rising Professionals. I would encourage everyone to check out our website at springsbusinessalliance.com.

How do you decide what events to have?

In my role organizing the Rising Professional events, they are planned a year in advance by each committee. We are made of six committees: professional development; civic engagement; mentorship; sponsorship; membership; and recreation. Each committee is important to our mission and picks their events based on their individual goals. For example, our last professional development event was “Insights to Entrepreneurship.”

When did you first live in Colorado Springs?

I moved out here for my last semester of college. Originally I was at University of Colorado at Denver, but I graduated from UCCS. Denver was great, but I fell in love with Colorado Springs. It felt like a natural fit for me.

What do you like most about the Springs?

The outdoor activities. Have you seen our mountains!?

How do you spend your discretionary time?

Generally outside if I can. I love hiking, biking and camping with friends.