SIFCO Industries is acquiring MW General Inc, which operates as General Aluminum Forgings in Colorado Springs.

The company is an aerospace component supplier that provides precision aluminum materials to the commercial aerospace industry, military and to medical device companies.

The transaction closed Tuesday, and specific terms were not disclosed.

SIFCO is also a component supplier to the aerospace and energy industries. It plans to operate the business under a newly created entity, General Aluminum Forgings LLC. GAF will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quality Aluminum Forge, SIFCO’s existing aluminum forging business.

The acquisition expands its capacity and broadens its customer base, according to company press release about the acquisition

“The addition of GAF meaningfully grows our aluminum forgings business and increases our aluminum product capabilities. We are very pleased to add this business to our growing forge family,” said SIFCO CEO Michael S. Lipscomb.

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SIFCO Industries Inc. produces a variety of metalworking processes, services and products produced primarily to specific customer design requirements. The processes and services include forging, heat-treating, coating, welding and machining. The products include forgings, machined forged parts and other machined metal parts, and remanufactured component parts for turbine engines.

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