yp_jariah_walkerJariah R. Walker is a Realtor and property manager, a partner at Walker Asset Management Realty and a Colorado Springs native who wants to help shape the city’s future. His children are third-generation natives of the Springs. His grandfather started Rainbow Realty in 1949 and changed the business’s name later. Jariah has been a Realtor for eight years, and he turned 36 just last week.

How did you become attracted to your career choice?

Honestly, the profession chose me because real estate is in my blood. My grandfather (Jim Walker) started his real estate company in the late 1940s near downtown Colorado Springs. He taught our family how to build a company with strong ethics and customer service and now both my father (Jon Walker) and I continue the tradition he built in town. (Grandpa is now retired at 92 years old.)

I’m so proud that we’ve stayed true to our name and have continued to build Walker Asset Management Realty into a successful and sustainable real estate firm in Colorado Springs.

What did you like most about the Regional Leaders trip to Omaha this past spring?

When I went on the Regional Leaders trip to Omaha I wanted to get out of my element in Colorado Springs while getting an outside perspective on the challenges and successes of another city. Everyone who is involved with these trips shares a strong desire to make our city one of the best in the country, and it’s been an honor to be part of it.

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I’m sure I can speak for my fellow travelers by saying that the real work begins with the collaboration and implementation of the lessons learned, and that we’re excited at the potential for Colorado Springs’ future!

My favorite part of the Omaha trip was getting to collaborate with so many other great people who care about our community and its growth (although the visit to the Omaha Zoo was pretty darn fun too.) Six years ago I went through a program at Leadership Pikes Peak and I learned about the importance of community trusteeship and collaboration.

How do you feel about the number of young professionals getting involved in Colorado Springs?

The synergy that is surrounding YPs getting involved in Colorado Springs is amazing. There are a multitude of groups and leaders that are getting involved in making Colorado Springs a better place and that’s very exciting to me. Right now there are legitimate opportunities for younger people to get involved on boards, task force groups and anything else focusing on building our community or making it a better place.

I welcome anyone who wants to get involved to reach out to any group or community leader, as they all want to help you succeed.

How has Colorado Springs changed since you were a child?

To me the city’s growth and sprawl sticks out the most. I can remember when Academy Boulevard was the east side of town. While growth is good, I do think we have struggled to maintain an infrastructure and economic climate to sustain ourselves for the long haul, which is causing us to play catch-up a little bit.

While, like any other city, we have some challenges in front of us, we also have some fantastic leadership and resources in place right now and an increasing amount of people wanting to take on higher levels of responsibility.

I believe we are in the midst of some very defining moments and decisions with marijuana regulation, downtown development and regional tourism, to name a few. But I feel confident that as a city we’ll make good choices and hit the ball out of the park.

What drives you? (What are your passions and why?)

Family and community are what drive me to succeed. My children are third-generation natives to this city, so not only do my roots run deep, but I feel great responsibility to make sure that Colorado Springs remains a great place for future generations to grow and thrive.

I’ve been blessed to have a wife and two little girls who support me with everything that I take on and they make me strive to be a better man.