The Black Forest fire has caused Add Staff, a staffing firm in Colorado Springs, to backfill its orders for temporary staff.

“We have so many of our people who have been evacuated, so many people from our client companies that have been evacuated,” said owner Cari Shaffer. “We all know how horrific it is.”

Of the staffers who fill the assignments, many of those are out because of the fire, she said.

“We’re backfilling some orders and we’re also filling new orders,” Shaffer said.

Between 350 and 400 people are out on assignment, she said. Wednesday and Thursday were “extremely hectic. The phones have been ringing off the hook in the morning.”

In her company alone, of her 18 employees, eight have been impacted by the fire: One has been evacuated; two are in a pre-evacuation zone and were home packing Thursday; one employee’s home – a rental – burned down; and one is in Payton, adjacent to the evacuation zone.

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“We’re very short-staffed within our office,” but that’s OK, she said. “Their lives come first, so they need to protect their family, their pets and their loved ones.”

Shaffer also said the fire has changed the office attire rules.

“The dress codes are put on the shelf for this time because some people don’t have access to all of their stuff, and that’s OK,” Shaffer said.

“I don’t care. Just take care of your family.”